Report to the AGM 2020

Our ACW held 6 meetings this past year with an average attendance of 7 of our 10 members.  We met on the third Tuesday of the month.

In May our Secretary and President attended the annual Diocesan Meeting in Bathurst. It is always interesting to learn what other ACW`s in the Diocese are doing.

Douglas joined us for our May meeting at All Saints Church. In June we hosted Bishop Edwards for lunch, while on his Annual  Pilgrimage.

We sold monument saddles as well in the spring and had a bake sale in conjunction with the Spring Tea.

Some of our members attended the Annual Deanery  meeting at the Church of Ascension in Lower Norton.  Our speaker was from Sophia Recovery Centre in Saint John and was very informative.  We will be hosting the Deanery meeting in September 2020.

In October we voted to have our officers keep their positions for another year.

In December, we had a Mitten Tree for the Clothing bank and Macdonald Consolidated.  We also had a Bake Sale in conjunction with the Christmas Tea. Our Christmas Part was held at Jean MacDonald`s home and enjoyed by all in attendance.

We have made monetary donations to PWRDF, the Parish, the Kingston Food and Clothing  Bank, and our early ACW commitments.

We wish to thank all those who have supported us throughout the year.

Respectfully submitted,

Grace Smith, President