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Today Sharon and I revisited Trinity Church and counted seats upstairs in the balcony and measured around the front of the church including the area near the clavanova and lecturn. 

We have placed 18 Book of Alternative Services (BAS) in the pews on the main floor (Nave) that have been measured and reserved for Sunday use, and 14 upstairs in the gallery. If you see a book, then you may sit there, if no book, then it is not designated as an acceptable location due to distancing requirements.  We have also placed 2 bulletins with hymns near those BAS. This has been done today, so by Sunday, even though our hands were sanitized, more than 72 hours will have past, which is the time medical professionals have stated the virus dies on books and surfaces.

I have decided that everyone in the gallery needs a mask as do the people in the first pews closest to the choir area of the church. I strongly urge everyone to wear a mask. If you will be singing, this is a requirement, as studies show the virus can project anywhere from 9-12 feet when singing.

Due to the 2 meter rule, we can only have 44-46 people in church if 6-8 groups of 2 are "bubbled". So if you have driven someone they must sit with you during the service.

I appreciate that this is highly irregular but it's the best possible way of ensuring your safety and that of others.