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We will be back in church this Sunday. The church opens at 9:30am. Six foot social distancing is essential and required. A mask is not required but encouraged, especially if you wish to sing. If you have been out of province, you will have had to self isolate for 14 days. If you have a temperature, you must stay home. Lastly we can only accommodated 50 people in church; by law we must obey that limit set by the government. Please be aware of that if you arrive late. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Of course it won't be exactly the same service as we are used to but it will be very familiar and we will receive at the Lord's table once again, and together. Amen. alleluia! 


The following has been designed to provide what a parishioner would expect to experience in attending Sunday Worship services at Trinity Anglican Church in Kingston during this period of COVID-19.

Arriving at Trinity:

  • The church will open at 9:30am on Sundays.
  • You will be greeted at the ramp entrance by one greeter who will be wearing a face mask where they will have you read a Passive Screening poster. They will record your presence in order to inform you in the future if a COVID-19 presumptive case occurs. This record will be maintained for 28 days.
  • You will be reminded of the protocols for your safety which will commence with hand sanitizing.
  • Each parishioner will be reminded of the 2m (6ft) self distancing from others outside your household. The aisles will be all marked with tape positioned 2m apart as a guide.
  • There will be no service bulletins handed out – the service bulletin for those who wish will be sent out with the Newsletter mid week for the Sunday following. 
  • There is to be no gathering of groups at any time with the emphasis of maintaining self-distancing of 2m for your safety.
  • The washrooms in the Parish Hall will be available before and after the service.

Arriving into the Church proper:

  • There will be a greeter inside Trinity church for any further guidance with regard to social distancing.  
  • There will be pews roped off that cannot be used in order to provide the 2-meter self distancing. The pews being used will have been wiped down and sanitized prior to the service.
  • Households and those whom you are ‘bubbled’ with can sit together – otherwise observe the 2-meter self distancing rules if in the same pew as others.
  • You are encouraged to sit in the middle of the pew to maintain distancing from those in the aisles and other pews.

Worship Service

  • Sunday Service will occur promptly at 10am with announcements at that time. 
  • We will celebrate the Eucharist from the BAS (Green Book). Please bring your own book throughout the summer if you wish to follow along.
  • We are encouraging e-offering or e-transfer (touchless offertory), however there will be an offertory container positioned for you as you enter the church for your gifts. The envelopes will go into the safe and remain untouched for no less than 72 hours.
  • Scripture readings will be done by either the Layreader of someone appointed from where they sit.
  • Congregational singing will be possible only if you have a mask. If the majority do not have masks we will have a soloist.
  • The Rector will wear a mask for the blessing and distribution of the Eucharist. 
  • After receiving the Eucharist, at the steps to the choir, you will proceed to the exit in order to depart. This will assist in preventing crowding after the service.
  • Your priest will not be greeting post service, remaining distant to protect both you and him from the passing on of any potential risks.