Welcome to Our Parish Family
What can You Expect?

What is it like?

• We have a very welcoming and inclusive congregation, encouraging and helpful, also allowing you to find your own level of comfort.

• We are a Eucharistic parish, celebrating Communion every week.

• Our congregation ranges between middle to senior age, with an attendance of 40-50 each week.

• The congregation grows during the summer months due to our parish family returning to their cottages.

• We gather together for worship, to give thanks and thoughtful reflection.

• Our Rector’s sermons are always thoughtful and thought provoking, his ability to share the Gospel of Christ leaves us refreshed and gives us food for thought.


What about my Kids?

• At the present time we do not have activities centred around children, but we do welcome and encourage that families bring their children to the Worship Services.  A children’s talk always happens when there are children in attendance.


• Due to the age of our churches washrooms are not available at all of our locations.  Trinity Church, Kingston, is located across the road from the Parish Hall where there are washroom facilities available.  All Saints’ Church in Clifton Royal has a washroom in the basement.  St. James, Long Reach and St. Paul’s Whitehead do not have washrooms.


Where do I park?

• All the Churches have ample parking space, in the Church yard or across the road in parking lots.


What do I wear?

• Dress is casual – dress as you are comfortable.


How can I get connected?

• Getting connected is easy.  Check here on the Website, contact the Parish Office, or send us an email.  All of this information can be found on the Home Page of this website.